Where to Sell Jewelry in Columbus, Ohio

Finding the Best Place and Getting the Highest Return Locally

Best Way to Sell Jewelry in Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to selling jewelry, the world can seem confusing and somewhat daunting. Where to start? Who to trust? and What to expect? are all critical questions that must be answered to ensure you get the best value for your pieces.

Whether you’ve inherited a collection that you’ll never wear (and your kids don’t want), or you’ve moved on from a painful relationship, or you just want to free up some cash and space, selling jewelry can be a rewarding experience that opens up opportunities for new adventures, and even lasting legacies.

Here are the different ways you can sell jewelry in Columbus, Ohio:

1. Sell to a Jewelry Store

Selling your jewelry to a retail store is a great choice if you’d like to upgrade your collection. Many jewelers offer a trade-in program and can offer you better value than selling for cash since the amount will simply be deducted from the retail markup of your new purchase. However, because buying secondhand jewelry is not a retail jeweler’s top priority, it may take 2-3 days to get an offer. Also, many local jewelers have limited options for reselling your jewelry, which may cut into your return.

Columbus jewelers Seth works with, and proudly recommends are:

  • Worthington Jewelers
    Worthington Jewelers is a family-run business offering fine and fashion jewelry, engagement rings, custom designs and repair services.
    (614) 430-8800
  • Argo & Lehne
    Argo & Lehne is a long-running, family-owned store for fine jewelry and vintage pieces, plus custom design and engraving.
    (614) 457-6261

2. Sell on Consignment

Selling jewelry on consignment is a good option if you have valuable or collectible pieces and you’re not in a rush to sell. By consigning your jewelry to an established store, you have a better chance of reaching a targeted audience who is interested in buying jewelry. The drawback, however, is the time it takes to find the right buyer, often taking 6-12 months or more—that’s if your items sell at all. Consignment stores also usually take a 30-50% commission, so while your jewelry might be listed for a retail price, the amount you actually pocket is often less than the cash price.

Columbus consignment stores Seth works with, and proudly recommends are:

  • Grandview Mercantile
    Grandview Mercantile is a spacious, airy store providing antiques, vintage furniture, artwork, decor accessories & jewelry.
    (614) 421-7000
  • Peacock Lane Home
    Peacock Lane Home is a locally-owned antique and consignment store offering a wide range of furnishings and one-of-a-kind pieces.
    (614) 846-4754

3. Sell to a Gold Buyer

If you have gold or silver jewelry, coins, bullion, or even dental scrap, and you need some fast cash, a gold buyer may be a good option. Gold buyers and traders usually resell to large wholesalers or smelters, and can help you to quickly liquidate your precious metal collection at spot prices. However, because gold buyers’ primary focus and expertise is metals, if your jewelry is signed, obscure, rare, vintage, antique, or contains precious gemstones, you may not get the value you deserve.

Columbus gold buyers Seth works with, and proudly recommends are:

  • Buckeye Gold
    Locally owned in Columbus, Ohio, Buckeye Gold buys gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and coins.
    (614) 793-4653

4. Sell to Seth

Seth is a professional jewelry buyer who specializes in secondhand jewelry. He has handled tens of thousands of pieces of secondhand jewelry, including some of the rarest, most exquisite, and most iconic pieces, collections, and estates—from Art Deco tiaras, to large colored diamonds; from signed French jewels, to European royal collections. Whether your jewelry is designer, vintage, antique, or modern, Seth’s vast experience and knowledge will ensure that the true worth of your jewelry is realized. He has even identified pieces by obscure designers that resulted in a 10x value increase.

When you sit down with Seth, he will not only help you to understand the current market value of your pieces, but also their historical significance. He will also provide immediate payment for any items you wish to sell. 

  • Located In Old Worthington
    965 High Street, Suite 200
    Worthington, OH 43085
    (614) 957-0065


Selling jewelry can be overwhelming, but equipped with the right knowledge and tools, it can be extremely rewarding. As with most things, when it comes to getting the best advice and value, it pays to work with a specialist.