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About Seth

Get to Know Ohio’s #1 Fine Jewelry & Watch Buyer

Born and raised in Plain City Ohio, Seth moved to New York in 2008 with a dream of starting his own company.

Specializing in buying and selling fine jewelry and watches, his dream took him around the world with clients in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, and culminated in the founding of one of the world’s foremost jewelry and watch auction houses.

In his business and travels, Seth has had the opportunity to handle tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry, including some of the rarest, most exquisite, and most iconic pieces, collections, and estates—from Art Deco tiaras, to large colored diamonds; from signed French jewels, to European royal collections; from “Paul Newman” Rolexes, to the highly sought-after Cartier Crash.

Mentored by industry masters and veterans, Seth is recognized as a leading expert in the secondhand jewelry and watch markets and has been invited to present at prestigious events, from appraisal conventions to GIA alumni meetings..

Yet in all his endeavors, Seth has never strayed from his Midwestern roots. And this is why when his first child was on the way he knew it was time to come home.

Why Seth Pays the Most


While many buyers have a limited local customer pool, Seth’s global network allows him to match the right collector with the right piece, for the right price. To illustrate, while US demand for emeralds is weak, Asian demand is strong. While Midwest vintage Rolex buyers are scarce, Italian collectors are lining up. More connections = more money.


While many buyers are exposed to a limited range of jewelry and watches, Seth’s vast knowledge and experience enables him to identify and properly value rare and unique pieces. To illustrate, an 18K gold ring might be priced at scrap value, but through identifying an obscure hallmark and tracing it to a French designer, the value may increase tenfold. More expertise = more money.


Let’s face it. Without integrity, connections and expertise mean absolutely nothing. To illustrate, without telling you about the emerald demand in Asia or the obscure hallmark on your gold ring, you may never get the price you deserve. Seth’s word is his bond. His handshake is his promise. His goal is to be transparent and fair with every transaction so that everybody wins. More integrity = more money.

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