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Are you looking for the best place to sell diamond rings, diamond jewelry, and loose diamonds in Columbus? Come sit down with Seth for an expert evaluation, top prices, and immediate payment.

Sell Diamonds with Confidence

Whether you’re looking to sell diamond rings, loose diamonds, or other diamond jewelry, Seth understands the immense meaning that diamonds carry and will take extra care when handling your items. 

Seth has handled thousands of diamond rings and jewelry, and loose diamonds from all over the world. He provides honest, expert evaluations, the best possible offers, premium prices for signed diamond jewelry, and immediate payment for any items you wish to sell. 

  • Expert Valuations & Advice: Get the fair value for your diamonds
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    I sent my information and a few photos and heard back from Seth that same night! He gave me a general estimate and I later made an appointment so he could assess in person. Seth was so warm and friendly! The whole experience was great and I felt like I made a new friend by the time I walked out.

    Carol Stokes

    Seth was an absolute pleasure to work with! He made selling my diamond ring easy, simple and fun. He was so kind, professional, timely, and communicated efficiently. He made the whole experience enjoyable. I will most certainly be recommending Seth for selling or buying jewelry to everyone.

    Jessica Levy

    Seth was great to work with. He is very personable and treated us as family. We will definitely be returning for any future needs! We have been telling everyone we know about him since our meeting. Thanks Seth!

    Emily Clark

    Great guy! Easy to do business with. Highly recommend selling jewelry to Seth.

    Suzanne Meade

    I needed to sell a diamond solitaire ring, and Seth was able to pay more than two other offers I got locally. The process was surprisingly relaxing and easy. He also helped me find an affordable pair of diamond studs. I have already recommended Seth to a few colleagues and friends.

    Lainey Stanley

    This guy is the real deal! He’s so diligent in responding and very knowledgeable along with teaching you about your jewelry, which I appreciate greatly. Message him with questions!

    Katy Satterthwaite

    It was a pleasure to work with Seth! I found him on Facebook, read his information and decided to make an appointment to sell my mothers estate jewelry. He responded promptly, and was very diligent and courteous in examining all the pieces. He made quite a generous offer! Seth was very friendly and honest to work with. A great experience!

    Jeanne Q.

    Types of Diamonds Seth Buys

    Seth buys diamonds in any shape, size, color or cut, from loose diamonds, to diamond engagement rings, to Art Deco diamond tiaras. Here are just some of the items Seth buys in Columbus:

    How Seth Evaluates Your Diamonds

    Seth carefully tests each diamond using state of the art technology, including diamond testers that measure heat and fluorescence to confirm your diamonds are real.

    Visual Inspection

    Seth will closely inspect your diamond jewelry using a jewelry loupe to get a clear view of the cut, clarity, and color. These characteristics, along with the carat size, determine the worth of the diamonds.

    Lab Test (GIA)

    If it helps to determine or increase the value of your diamonds, Seth will send your jewelry or stones to an independent lab (GIA) for certification. This will prove the diamonds’ quality and authenticity.

    Electrical Conductivity

    Seth will use a device to test the electrical conductivity of your stone and determine whether it is a real diamond or moissanite. Diamonds and moissanites conduct electricity differently.

    Market Demand

    Once your diamonds have been appraised, Seth will contact his network of industry buyers to understand how much your diamond is currently worth in the market.

    Discover the 4Cs of Diamonds

    When evaluating your diamonds, Seth looks at the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat size to arrive at your offer amount.


    The most important of the 4Cs, cut affects how the diamond takes and releases light i.e. it’s sparkle!


    The second most important of the 4Cs is color. The less color, the higher the value. Less is best!


    Clarity refers to the tiny imperfections on the surface and inside the diamond which can affect its beauty and value.


    Carat refers to the diamond’s weight, not its size. Note: a bigger carat doesn’t always equal a higher price.

    How It Works

    Working with Seth is quick and easy. It’s just 3 simple steps.

    1. Send Photos & Descriptions

    Text, submit, or email photos, descriptions, certificates, receipts and any other info you have about your diamonds to get a valuation range.

    2. Meet or Ship Your Items

    Show your diamonds to Seth in person, either at his office in Old Worthington or your home/office/bank vault, OR ship them for FREE via FedEx.

    3. Get Your Valuation & Offer

    Once Seth has inspected your items, you will receive a FREE market valuation and a zero obligation offer. If you’d like to sell, Seth will write you a check on the spot.

    Meet Seth, Ohio’s Leading diamond Expert

    Born and raised in Plain City, Ohio, Seth’s jewelry and watch expertise has taken him around the world with clients in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, culminating in the founding of one of the world’s foremost jewelry and watch auction houses.

    He is recognized as a leading expert in the secondhand jewelry and watch markets and has been featured by major media and invited to present at prestigious events, from appraisal conventions to GIA alumni meetings.

    In his business and travels, Seth has had the opportunity to handle tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry and watches, including some of the rarest, most exquisite, and most iconic pieces, collections, and estates—from Art Deco tiaras, to large colored diamonds; from signed French jewels, to European royal collections; from “Paul Newman” Rolexes, to the highly sought-after Cartier Crash.

    He is a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Jewelers of America, and is a BBB Accredited Business.

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